Different Kinds of Bats

There are about 1,000 different species of bats. Bats are grouped into two main groups -- Megabats and the Microbats.


The megabats are large and live in the tropical parts of our planet.

They either eat fruit or drink nectar from flowers, and sometimes look for food during the day instead of at night.

Megabats have big eyes and can see very well. These bats use their sense of smell along with their eyes to find ripe fruit. Stellaluna is a megabat.

The biggest bat in the world is the gigantic flying fox. It weighs over 2 pounds and has a wingspan of about 6 feet. Take a look at some different types of megabats. Which one do you like the most?

Little Red Flying Fox
Little Red Flying Fox
grey-headed flying fox
Flying Fox
Spectacled flying foxSpectacled Flying Fox
fruit bat
Fruit Bat

Black Flying fox

Black Flying Fox


Hammerhead Bat
Lesser Dog Face
Lesser dog-faced Fruit Bat
Long Tongued Nectar
Long-tongued Nectar Bat

Microbats are usually much smaller than the megabat. They have small eyes and large ears. They eat mostly insects, fish, lizards, and birds. The vampire bat drinks blood from other animals.

Microbats find their food by sending out a high-pitched squeak through their mouth or nose. This is called echolocation.

The smallest microbat is the Bumblebee bat. It weighs only 2 grams. Which microbat do you find to be the most interesting?
Spotted Bat

Spotted Bat
Mexican Free Tailed

Mexican Free-tailed Bat


Bumblebee Bat
Spear Nose

Spear Nosed Bat
Inland Forest

Inland Forest Bat

Little Broad Nosed

Little Broad
Nosed Bat

Northern Free Tailed

Northern Free Tailed Bat
Orange Leaf Nosed

Orange Leaf-Nosed Bat