The Emergent Layer


Only a few very tall trees break through the canopy into the emergent layer. These trees can be as tall as skyscrapers. The tops of the trees are shaped like umbrellas and they grow on long, thin trunks.

These trees get the most sunlight but also have to put up with the hot sun and strong winds. Because these trees are out in the open, they often have thick, waxy leaves that protect them from the sun and the wind.

Harpy Eagles and other birds live in the emergent layer. There are also many different kinds of butterflies and insects. Many of these animals are also found in the canopy of the rainforest. The birds and insects are important because they help pollinate the rainforest plants.

Animals of the Rainforest Canopy
Blue Headed Parrots
Harpy Eagle
Tiger Swallowtail
Blue Morpho Butterfly
Blue Doctor
Brown Peacock

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